Dark…..chilled……silent, the change of the seasons has stolen the birds song and all I can hear is the crunching of my shoes on the gravel as I walk towards the lake.  The cold air fills my lungs, shadows and silhouettes fill my view.

Off in the distance the sun trying to peek above the mountains to bring about a new day.

I am alone with nature.  Oh, the wonder.  I notice each tree, the magnificence of the Aspen and the Pine.  Both serving their unique purpose to the earth.  I pass a variety of plants and flowers, taking notice of their shapes and colors, all making the landscape a little more beautiful.  I notice each has a role and without it, there would be an empty place.

A question comes into my subconscious.  If I wouldn’t change anything about the landscape before me, why am I so anxious to change me?

Then I stop, almost frozen!  A small voice (I call the spirit) whispers. “Isn’t each person a unique piece of this world that has a unique role to play and gift to share?”

Then I know it is true….. because it is sealed upon my soul.  I was sent here for a purpose.  I have a unique role to play.  SO DO YOU!

We were sent here to complete a task that only we can complete.  The story that we live, if we let God use it will bless those around us.

On the days when you don’t feel like you have purpose, and you feel like you couldn’t possibly make a difference.  Remember that you are a light, just like the sun.  Have courage, push into that lie, and peek over that mountain, bring about a new day.

Sending Love,