Engage all 5 Senses to Stay in the Present

Trauma tends to make us dwell on the past or it make us worry about the future.  Part of calming myself when I am in a trauma response is staying in the present.

I do this by engaging all 5 senses:  What can I see?  What can I hear?  What can I feel?  What can I taste? What do I smell?

I remind myself that there are no immediate dangers.  That the trauma is not happening right now.  I repeat the above exercise as needed to keep my brain in the present.

Change the thoughts

A useful way to overcome trauma is to expose yourself to the trauma in a gentle way.  If a place has become a trigger go to that place.  In your mind change the thoughts about that place.

If you go there and you feel unimportant and worthless, go there again and think about what you hear, see, feel, smell, take a deep breath and change the inner thought.  Example:  “This is a place of peace and comfort, I can enjoy myself here! I am important and I have infinite worth!”

When the bad memory surfaces, repeat the new thought again!

(Sometimes it takes more than once, and sometimes it helps to take a safe person with you)

Submitted by: Norma


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