Personal Affirmation

Create your own affirmation and declare it to yourself ten times each morning.  Affirmations are simple, positive “I am” statements (Such as:  “I am powerful,”  “I am good enough”) that build a strong sense of self. They counteract negative messages and faulty core beliefs.  Affirmations remind us of our intrinsic value.  They can include qualities that we already have or qualities that we want to obtain.  The more specific your affirmation is on areas where you struggle the better results you will see.

Layers of Who You Are

Under your clothes wear something that is totally you- such as a witty phrase on a t-shirt.  This is a beginning step to self-acceptance.  There is more to all of us than our surface appearance.  If you don’t feel comfortable showing it to the world at first, that is okay.  This is just a first step to being true to yourself and your spirit.

Call Yourself From Home

Call yourself and leave a voice mail message reminding yourself that you are important, good, or powerful.  (Whatever it is that you need to hear.)  If you are struggling with kids, remind yourself that you are a good parent.  Save the message for when you are having a bad day and struggling.

Necklace of Qualities

We all have moments when it feels like life might swallow us whole.  We feel inadequate and need more than we have.  When entering especially difficult circumstances it is good to have a reminder of what you might need to make it through.  Make a necklace with beads that represent things that you need.


  • Courage: Lion
  • Freedom: Eagle
  • Peace: Peace Sign
  • Change: Butterfly
  • Faith: A Cross or a Dove
  • Hope: A dolphin

You can use whatever sign or symbol that represents something for you.  When you are in that tough situation touch the necklace to remind yourself that you can do it.