Negative Thinking

Blue Bubble of Protection

Imagine a blue bubble stretching around your body.  The color blue is associated with calm and peace.  Imagine that the blue film around you actually absorbs the negativity and pessimism coming from you.  As soon as you think a negative thought the blue bubble swallows it up and it is gone.  You are able to go throughout your day peacefully.

Get Rid of the Cobwebs

When negative thoughts form a cobweb in your mind, blow them away by opening a window and getting a fresh breeze.  Imagine the breeze breaking up the negative thoughts.  Imagine grabbing a broom and brushing the negativity away.  Then bring in the positive by thinking about your favorite things and people.  Don’t let those negative thoughts(spiders) build webs to torment you.  Continue to brush them away as needed.

Submitted by: Norma