Garland of Flowers

Codependents are great at carrying a very heavy load.  They feel that if they don’t do it, it won’t get done.  For me, I carried all of the blame and responsibility for my ex-husband’s actions.  This is an exercise that helps me recognise what is mine and what is someone elses.  I mentally create a wreath of flowers.  For each part that is mine I place a flower on my garland.  When I am done reviewing the scenario that occured.  I visualize putting the garland around my neck and I get to work on fixing those parts that belong to me.  I let the rest of the flowers stay where they are at, they need to go on somone elses garland.

Another idea is to create a garland for someone else with their responsibilities and mentally hand them that garland.  Those items are not your to carry, they get to take that responsibility with them.