Blue Bubble of Protection

Imagine a blue bubble stretching around your body.  The color blue is associated with calm and peace.  Imagine that the blue film around us actually absorbs the negativity and pessimism of those around us.  We can hear the words of those who are attacking and being mean, but the words can’t pierce the bubble.  You are able to go throughout your day peacefully.

Alternate Idea:  Imagine drawing a circle around your feet on the floor.  Imagine an invisible wall rising up from the circle to protect you. The wall is impenetrable, as the negative words and actions try to get to us we see them bounce off the wall back towards the one persecuting.  You go forward through your day knowing that the information never reached you.

Imagine a Robber

Imagine that a robber came in the middle of the night and stole all of your bad memories and ingrained habits.  You have a magic spell to bring back any memory or trait that you want to have and you are free from the burdens of anything else.  Today, whatever happens you have the power to react in a different way.  You can be whatever it is that you choose to be.  All the old traits that you don’t like are gone.  Create a new you!  The mind is powerful.