You can stop any addiction or impulse by following these three steps that can slow your thinking down.

A- Acknowledge           D- Demystify            D- Distract 

Example 1:

Acknowledge: A man with a sex addiction sees a beautiful woman.  The first step is taking a moment to acknowledge that she is beautiful.

Demystify: Instead of seeing the woman as an object, see her as a person.  Tell yourself that she is someone’s mother, sister, or daughter.  Tell yourself that she burps and farts.  Do something that allows you to see her as a person and not an object.

Distract: Choose to take your eyes off of the woman and distract yourself with something else.  Go play a game with a child, change what you are doing.

You can use this with many different addictions.

Reach Out

Remember you’re not ALONE. Call a friend, family member, or church leader whom you trust.  Millions of people suffer silently through addiction and deny any help, but God is always just a prayer, or a thought away from taking the temptations from you. Use that lifeline. It’s the best help you’re ever going to get.

Submitted by: JF (Anonymous)


Leave the situation immediately. Stop what you’re doing and go somewhere else! Go for a walk, or a drive just change the scenery immediately.

Submitted by: JF (Anonymous)

Play the tape

Play the tape all the way through: Whether or not your addiction has been brought to light, it’s always lifesaving for me to think about what taking that one pill will lead to. Remember that for an addict, one pill is too much and a thousand is never enough. What will happen at the end of the story if you give in? If you’ve been clean for a while and use, who gets hurt the most when you succumb?

Submitted by: JF (Anonymous)


Remember that a craving, or temptation is temporary. They will go away quickly and stopping to breathe and IDENTIFY what your feeling makes it real and manageable. Temptations of any kind pass swiftly when you identify it as what it is…just a temptation.


When an addict gives in, it is usually a result of being… Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Identify which one of these you’re experiencing and fix it.

Submitted by: JF (Anonymous)