5 Minute Emotional Abuse Test

I found a test online that takes about 5 minutes and gives you free results immediately.  If you are unsure if you are being emotionally abused this might help.  Recognition is the first step.  CLICK HERE for the test.

Learning About Your Own Voice

Sometimes those who have dealt with being used or abused and are standing up for themselves and boundaries for the first time find themselves in a predicament . It is their voice . It may be the first time the are actually using it . When doing this for the first time we might not know what volume it should be in . It may at the beginning be TOO LOUD – where we get angrier then necessary – or at times be too soft – were we allow others to take advantage again . To this I say : be patient . You are learning the dials of your voice for the first time , allow yourself to figure it out , keep trying and one day you will find a happy balance and tune.

Submitted by: Jessica Spieth (The Hozho Project)



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