My life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  As a little girl I wanted to be the Princess.  I wanted my knight in shining armor to come a sweep me off of my feet and save the day.  I never imagined that I would marry a man with an addiction.  I never imagined that I would be a victim of verbal abuse and neglect.  I never saw a divorce or a blended family in my future.

Trauma?  Until 3 years ago my definition of trauma was a car accident or a rape.  I had no idea that I was living in trauma every day.

I accept that this is my journey, and I am the only one on this particular path.  You are the only one on your path.

Other people are facing different journeys with different hardships, both journeys are valuable and important.

Some people face the loss of a child, while others suffer from depression and anxiety that keeps them trapped.   Drug addiction is attacking one family, while another across the street loses a mother and another down the road is fighting a chronic illness.

No two people have the same journey, and guess what no one is qualified to tell you how you should take yours.

No matter how much we plan and dream and hope for a perfect adventure, life has a way of happening and we face heartache and sorrow that we never wanted.  I believe that 99% of people are doing the very best they can with the journey they have been given and I have no right to tell them they should be living it differently.

I believe that we should always be working on improving ourselves.  That we should not be idol and stay put.  We all need to learn and grow and make changes and become better people, but how we do that.  Well, that is up to us!

….AND I also believe that I am okay today exactly as I am. 

Today might be a day of laughter, play, and smiles; or a day of isolation, sadness and tears,  and today is my day!  Neither of these days is WRONG.  Both kinds of days serve a purpose in helping us to become what we need to become.

Just like in the Disney movie ,”Inside Out”,  both characters Joy and Sorrow play a vital role.

Judging and being critical of ourselves and others has never and will never encourage change.  Change happens when we accept our stories; the good parts and the bad parts and we deal with ourselves with self-compassion and love.

If my day is bad and I am telling myself I am horrible and worthless, tomorrow is more likely to end badly also.

Sitting with ourselves during the journey and being our own advocate will create change.  Compassion empowers us and encourages us to keep trying.

So, no matter what you are facing today.  No matter what heartache, loss, and sorrow is staring you in the face.  You are 100% normal and okay exactly where you are.

I am a beautiful work in progress and so are you! God will make us both exactly what we were always meant to be.  Our paths for getting there will not be the same.

Sending Love,



Photo Credit: Patrick Smith. (2009, April 27). Fork in the Road. Walnut Creek, California