Invite me to speak

About a year ago I began speaking to small groups of 10-50 people to bring awareness about the harms of sex addictions. The first step is recognizing that this is a problem in our society today, and educating ourselves about it.  So many women are suffering silently and feel they have no where to go.  They feel alone.  Too often the help is given to the addict and not to the spouce.  If you would like to learn more ….please contact me.

Some topics that I have spoken on before:

  • Telling My Story
  • Addiction
  • Betrayal
  • How God helped me through the darkest hours
  • Trauma
  • Drama Triangle
  • Denial
  • Fear Control Cycle
  • Exposure
  • Other topics:  If you have a specific topic that you would like me to speak about feel free to propose your idea.


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