Hiding in a cocoonMany kinds of insects build cocoons to provide protection when they are in a vulnerable stage of change.  I believe that we as humans also build a protective coating around us when we are vulnerable.  We do it because the outside world is harsh and at times seemingly uncaring. I thought of the many times during my first marriage where I was hurting so much that I built a protective coating around myself.  While I was in my cocoon horrible things continued to happen, but I couldn’t handle my life, I couldn’t handle the struggles, so I hid.  I was not happy in my cocoon, and something very strange happened while I was gone.  Others around me didn’t know what I was anymore…..was I a butterfly or a moth?  I didn’t know what I was anymore.

Today I met a dear friend of mine for lunch.  A friend, who has had more than her share of heartache and sorrow, but who is beautiful and amazing and has come out of her sorrows with so much empathy and love for others.  As she spoke about feeling a little lost I could relate in so many ways and my heart hurt for her.  As I was driving home I just kept thinking about how magnificent she is.  When I look at her I see so much wisdom and love, but I realized that she doesn’t see what I see.  I think that just like I did, she has hidden herself in a cocoon to protect herself from any more pain.  I see her settling for far less than she deserves, and I think this is because she has forgotten what she actually is. She is magnificent and she deserves to be loved, respected, and cherished.  Until she can see what she actually is she will settle for far less than our heavenly father has planned for her.

Two very well known insects come out of cocoons, a moth and a butterfly.  Moths are known for being ugly, brown, dusty.  They are not attractive and I dislike them.  Moths hide during the day, they come out at night and are bothersome.  Butterflies are the opposite of moths.  They are beautiful, refreshing, people are naturally drawn to them.  We can’t wait for them to stop so we can look at the beautiful patterns on their wings.

I realized that it took me three years to come out of my cocoon.  I was so afraid that when I broke out I would be a moth and people see little value in ugly brown moths, I decided I would rather stay a cocoon then be a moth.  This is the BIG lie satan wants us to fall for, don’t fall for it, women, you are not moths; you are beautiful amazing butterflies.  You may have forgotten, but that is what you are.  Satan is the master of lies, he keeps us busy and distracted so that we will stay in our cocoons and wonder what we are. When we start to break out he tries to convince us that we are moths.  So today beautiful women who have just forgotten, I beg you to come out, come and see how amazing and beautiful you are.  The journey out will not be easy.  Just as a butterfly must struggle to break free of the cocoon, there will be days when you will feel like you are making little or no progress.  It may be the hardest you have ever had to fight in your life.  God will watch you and he will sit by your side, but he can not break you out.  If he does you will never be able to fly.

You see, a butterfly must struggle to get out, the struggle makes the small swollen body strong, and as you push your way out if the small opening in the cocoon, the fluid from your body will push into your wings and only then will you be strong enough to fly.

I am here for you, others are here for you, there are so many cheering you on.  Come out, enjoy the sun, and bask in the beautiful gifts that God has given you.  The gifts he wants you to share with the world.

Sending Love,


Assignment for Healing:  You deserve so much.  What is your gift to the world?  Share that gift with someone this week.


Photo Credit: Arturo Vidich. (2010, July 18). Cocoons. Ecuador