Survival Kit

A first aid kit contains bandages and ointment to help us when we are injured.  Creating a survival kit to help during times of great emotional stress can also be helpful.  Feelings of betrayal can lead to anger, mistrust and pain.  It is important to have a kit in place to help during emotional distress.

Items in your survival kit should have special meaning to you.  They can be symbolic, things that remind you of your God, your family, friends and children.  I have seen the survival kit of many women and not one contained the same items.

My kit contains the following items:

  • A picture of Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane (To remind me to fall to my knees and ask God for help)
  • Some essential oil called Personal Power  (To remind me that I do have the power to do hard things)
  • An Iron Rod key chain (To remind me to hold to the word of God)
  • A light bulb (To remind me that I have a light within me, I am a child of God)
  • Copy of my Patriarchal Blessing (Reminding me of the promises God has promised me)
  • Another picture of Christ pulling a little girl out of a river (To remind me that he will lift me from difficult circumstances)
  • A picture of the temple (To remind me that I can visit often to feel his power)
  • A little notebook with my favorite uplifting quotes (To remind me of my value)
  • $100 (For self-care)
  • Leaves from different seasons (To remind me that time passes and that this too will pass)
  • A picture album with pictures of my babies (To remind me of my boys and how much they mean to me)
  • A little notebook of gratitude (Reminding me of all the positive things in my life)
  • Feathers (To remind me that I can be light, that life wasn’t meant to be heavy all the time)
  • Confetti with the word DANCE (Reminding me of hobbies I have that I love)
  • Craft Eyeballs (To remind me to see others, and to remember that their are good people that can really see me)
  • Oil Vial (To remind me that I can ask for Priesthood Blessings when I need them)
  • Puzzle Piece (To remind me that I am important)
  • An eyeball of a teddy bear (To remind me that it is okay to be angry) There is a story behind this one!
  • Tool Cards (To help me remember step by step processes to work through my struggles)
  • A card that says, “What does the little girl inside of you need? Take care of her. (To remind me I am important and need to take care of myself.