Healing Exercises and Worksheets

Please click on the links below for tools that can help you heal from your struggles.

Survival survival kitKit  Use this tool to create a kit for yourself to help you deal with difficulties that you are currently facing.  I created mine to help me cope with my ex-husbands addiction.


drama triangleDrama Triangle   Use these tools to help you understand the drama triangle.  The worksheets provided will help you understnad your primary role.  They can also help you understand how to stay out of drama.


Seeking InvisibilitySeeking Invisibility Handouts  Use these worksheets to help you work through moments when you want to become invisible from life.


5minute check in  Self Check-In  Use this tool to check in with yourself.  This tool can be useful when you are trying to determine what you need.



Trauma in the shadow

Trigger Worksheet: Use this worksheet to help you understand what your triggers are.



Self Care AssessmentSelf Care Assessment Worksheet– Use this worksheet to see where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to self-care.  (Do this part before you look at how to read your score.)

Self Care Assessment- How to read your score