Tears, many nights have soaked my pillow,

Sleep, wanting to fall into it and never wake up.

Pain, deep and dark enough to stop my heart.

Crying, “God, please make it stop.”

Thoughts, will I implode from this anxiety.

Pleading, “Please change his heart.”

Wishing, that this wasn’t my life.

Hoping, that you hear me.

Tears, thanking God for the opportunity to help others.

Sleep, deep and nurturing, rejuvenates me

Pain, still visits to remind me of where I have been.

Crying, “Thank you God.”

Thoughts, He is taking my suffering and making it good.

Pleading. that he will show me how to help others.

Wishing, that others could find their way through the pain.

Hoping, that God will accept my offering


Grateful, That he is changing my heart.

Seeing, there is hope and light and beauty waiting for you.

~ Norma Zaugg


Beautiful amazing women,  I wish that you could fast forward through the pain and the suffering and the tears. I wish that there was an easy path to hope, courage, change, and growth.  There isn’t!  Healing is hard work, and it is a journey filled with traps and pitfalls.  I also want to say it is a journey worth taking.  It is a journey that empowers you and gives you a new set of eyes.

My husband showed me this poem the other day.  It touched me:

Good Timber

    by Douglas Malloch

The tree that never had to fight
For sun and sky and air and light,
But stood out in the open plain
And always got its share of rain,
Never became a forest king
But lived and died a scrubby thing.

The man who never had to toil
To gain and farm his patch of soil,
Who never had to win his share
Of sun and sky and light and air,
Never became a manly man
But lived and died as he began.

Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees;
The further sky, the greater length;
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.

Where thickest lies the forest growth,
We find the patriarchs of both.
And they hold counsel with the stars
Whose broken branches show the scars
Of many winds and much of strife.
This is the common law of life.


We are good timber, we can do this.  The journey will change the way you see the world and it will qualify you to meet God one day.  There is no easy way through, but there is hope.  Let’s keep moving forward one little step at a time.

Sending Love,