Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a movement to help women.  To let them know that when life sweeps them off of their feet others care.   Any donation can make a difference. Over the past few months many women have reached to me sharing their struggles.  I want to help, but alone I do not have the financial means to meet their immediate needs.  The funds will not be used to help month after month, they are for immediate help during emergencies.

Not one of the women who spoke to me about their struggles was asking for a handout.  They were just sharing their heartache and worries.

Some of the needs are:

  • paying bills
  • finding work (Do you own a business? Can your employees work remotely?  I need resources all over the US)
  • buying groceries
  • legal assistance (If you are an attorney who would be willing to donate time)
  • needing to feel cared about (I send a butterfly box)
  • women with suffering children (Hospitalized)
  • needing Christmas/birthday presents for children
  • shipping for butterfly boxes

If you have financial means and you could help a donation would be greatly appreciated.



I am not a non-profit, I just see a need and I wanted to help. All gifts will be sent in the form of gift cards or direct bill pay.

For those women who need to feel cared about, I would like to send a butterfly box.

I would like each box to contain the following:

  • Butterfly Heat/Cool Pack
  • EOS Lotion
  • EOS Lip Balm
  • Journal (with instructions for self-compassion and surrender)
  • Kleenex