As a little girl, I believed that an Angel was a heavenly creature sent to us by God to help in times of need.  I had an image in my mind of a youthful person dressed all in white with wings and a halo.

I believed that they existed, but never imagined that I would become friends with one.  That one would stand in my midst that I could touch with my own hands and be blessed by.  My definition of an angel expanded during my divorce and now has more meaning.

Angel: A heavenly guardian, ministering spirit, or messenger.

I know without a doubt God blessed me and sent Angels to my doorstep during my divorce.  The Angels he sent were ministering spirits, in the form of everyday people from all walks of life.

One showed up at my doorstep with a meal, another helped with my children when I was stretched beyond my own capacity to accomplish everything I needed to accomplish as a single mom.  Those Angels left a lasting impact on my heart and my soul.  I have no doubt that they were sent from God.

There was one very unexpected Angel that I will never forget.  He and his wife sealed themselves upon my heart in a deep way.

Phone call from heaven

In June 2013 I was in the midst of a terrible divorce.  My ex-husband was sending me threats and piercing me with negativity like never before, in a last-ditch effort, in what felt like an attempt, to ruin my soul.

My anxiety was out of the roof.  So many times I felt like I was imploding from the inside out.  I was shaky, nervous, and the unknown was taking its toll.

I had limited knowledge and resources about divorce and the court system.  I had not idea how things really worked or what I should do. My plan was to have my ex-husbands lawyer draw up all the papers and then I would take it to a different lawyer to have it looked at, then we would settle.

One morning I received a phone call from my boss, Joe.  He knew about my current circumstances and asked me how I was doing.  He told me that he didn’t feel comfortable that I didn’t have a lawyer to protect me and my little boys.  He said,” Norma, Patty and myself would like to pay for your lawyer.”  I was shocked!  He told me that he would like to do some research, because he wanted me to have a good one, and he would get back to me in a week or so with some information.

I thanked him over and over before getting off the phone that day.  A piece of me was relieved, another piece of me didn’t know how I could accept that kind of gift.  I knew I could never repay him.

Ministering spirits

Not only did my boss and his wife aide my financial need at this time, but over the weeks and months that continued he nurtured my soul.  He would call me at work to check in on me and see how things were going.  He had all of the attorney bills sent directly to him, I have no idea what the cost was.  I was in a leadership position at work at the time and he taught me skills that I will never forget.  I was scattered and made mistakes that could easily have gotten me fired, but I was offered a raise.

Learning from him was a highlight of my career.  I learned so much more than leadership skills.  I learned how to be a better human being at his hand.  I learned that during our darkest hours God can and will send Angels to lift our burdens.

Losing an Angel

It was about 4-5 months ago when I heard that my boss, Joe, had Ideopathic Pulminary Fibrosis.  There is not a cure for this. His health is declining and he stepped down from his position.  I felt an overwhelming desire to go and sit with my Angel again.

When I called him to ask if I could come and see him.  He agreed.  He said,”what brings you this way Norma.”  I said,” You.”  He acted surprised and with a question mark in his voice he said,”Me”  I said ,”Yes!”  He said well then Norma, “We will welcome you with open arms,”  and they did.  I have never seen Joe take credit for how he has blessed people.  He is very humble and always points the praise towards the heavens.

It may be the last time that I get to see Joe.  He has lost one lung and was on oxygen during our visit.  My heart broke when I saw him, he was struggling to breathe.  Both him and his wife are so dear to my heart.  They really are angels that God sent to ease my burden.  I will never forget them.

My Angel still had something to give

Oh how I wish I could download Joe, his knowledge as far as business amazes me, and his knowledge about people; well, I am in awe.   I came to give Joe and Patty my love, but again I was the beneficiary of my visit.

He continued to teach me with his ministering spirit.

He said, “Norma, all that Patty and myself have left is relationships.  In the end money, careers, belongings, none of that matters, people do!  When I was little my parents taught me that they didn’t get to choose what body I came in.  That it was God, and genetics, and they coudln’t really do much to change that.  But that the shape and size of our body wasn’t that important because we were sent here to earth to develop our spirit, heart, and soul.  That was something that we could do something about.

Joe took his parents advice seriously, he accepted the body that he was given as a gift from God.  With a laugh, “He said I’ve never been very big.” He did develop his spirit, heart, and soul.  He is one of the best men that I have ever met and I feel honored that I was able to work under him.  He blessed my life.

Joe and patty2

An angel’s final lesson for all of us

God gave us a body that sometimes we may not appreciate.  Maybe we wish we were skinnier or prettier.  Maybe we wish we were faster and more athletic.  That is uncontrollable, genetics from two parents randomly decide what features we receive and what size we are.

God also gave each of us a spirit/soul and a heart.  What we do with that part of ourselves, well,  that is what makes all the difference.  Our appearance will not bless others, it will not change their lives for the better.  If we develop our spirit/soul and heart we can bless the lives of others daily.

So today and hopefully for the rest of my life I hope to grow my heart.  I want my soul to become a ministering spirit, so I too can be an Angel for many like Patty and Joe.  I hope that you will choose to join me.

Sending Love,